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Crossing the Chasm with Michael Eckhardt

Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director of the Chasm Institute was the special speaker of IPL’s September Product Leadership Webinar. Michael and the Chasm Institute’s founder Geoffrey Moore (author of “Crossing the Chasm” - the bible of tech marketing) work with over 500 companies worldwide, mentoring them to success and enabling them with the toolset to jump over the chasm between early and enduring product success.

The webinar received an overwhelming response from students, alumni and others from the tech world, with registrations pouring in even as it was in progress.

In his talk, Michael focused on the Tech Market Model (TMM), an action-based toolset and model that helps leaders and their launch teams succeed. He spoke of launching a “Whole Products” - a package of the core product along with key enablers such as post-sales support, compliance, a partner ecosystem - a better indicator of launch readiness and success than just getting a great core product ready.

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Michael spoke of the adoption patterns of customers using the famous chasm graph, and spoke of the answers required for three critical questions to achieve market traction:

● Where in the TMM am I today?
● Which customer segment should I attack?
● How do I move forward?

He discussed the possible answers for each question threadbare - invaluable insights to cross the chasm - before listing the 9 key criteria that identify a winning target for product launch. The webinar ended with a q & a session, many of which Michael could not get to due to the paucity of time.[Editor’s note: We shall publish Michael’s responses to all questions soon.]

The tagged webinar recording is available here. It will also form part of IPL’s Continuous Learning and Access Program (CLAP), a platform for professionals seeking to learn anytime, anywhere.

Stay tuned for the q & a response blog of this important webinar. For more information on IPL’s upcoming webinars and other events, head over to our events page.


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