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Creating Unique Value Propositions for B2B Products


The most important factor in a B2B product’s success is having a compelling Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for the target market. Whether you are defining a new product from scratch or inheriting a product that was conceived by someone else, it is imperative for product leaders to be able to articulate the customer’s compelling reasons to buy the product from you. The UVP relies on key concepts such as market segmentation, whole product definition, value/benefit for different personas and the basis for product differentiation. It is much more than just a sales message- it is the essence of the product and marketing strategy.

In this informative 1 hour webinar you will learn how to construct Unique Value Propositions that can be used to position your product optimally in the marketplace,and provide Sales with the target customer profiles and messages that will most likely lead to successful customer engagements.

About The Speaker

Steve Caplow

Steve Caplow
Strategic Marketing & Business Development Consultant
Steve Caplow is a Strategic Marketing & Business Development Expert and a Faculty of the EMBA program at the Institute of Product Leadership. Prof. Caplow's specialities include product positioning/messaging/branding, product marketing training, presentation coaching, “virtual VP marketing”, primary market research, strategic alliances and marketing program optimisation.

In a career spanning three decades in Marketing and Business Development, Prof. Caplow has developed extensive expertise in the EDA, Enterprise IT and Semiconductor industries. He has provided strategic marketing, business development, and executive training/coaching services to technology companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 1000. Prof. Caplow is a master at presenting complex technology in a clear, concise and compelling way and a guru to many engineers-turned-marketers who need to communicate effectively to Sales, customers and executive audiences.

Prof. Caplow is a graduate of Tufts University at Medford, Massachusetts.


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