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Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design

The term “user experience design” has been getting a lot of play, but many businesses are confused about what it actually is and how crucial it is to their success.

Here are a few misconceptions about User experience design: Do not confuse user experience design with user interface

It’s not uncommon to confuse “user experience” with “user interface” — after all it’s a big part of what users interact with while experiencing digital products and services. But remember “the UI is just one piece of the puzzle”.

UX Design is a process

It is the process. In order to create a great experience for your users, not just design something that we’d like to use, we need to keep listening and iterating. It doesn't have to be a rigid process, but it does need to exist.

Never ignore Awareness

You need to be aware who you are as a company as well as a design team, that awareness is very critical. You need to ask who you are delivering your design to. Why you are designing it or creating it, are you solving one user’s problem or is it a problem of many or is it something which nobody recognizes it as a problem?

Nothing works without Authenticity:

You need to be authentic and know how to connect with your user. If you can emotionally connect your team to your users and help them grok how their efforts impact real people solving real problems, then they'll do fantastic work - your product will be great.

Never compromise on Innovation:

You need to understand the design as well as the technology; you have to be innovative and stay updated with the design trends and not just the design but also on the technology part as you need to know the current cutting edge technologies.

Remember, “Design is not a fine art but it is a deep thinking”, for those of you who think you don’t really need a user experience designer, keep this in mind that you cannot give users a good experience without great user experience design.


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