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15 Product Management Blogs You Must Read in 2024

By the Institute of Product Leadership

Product management is the art and science of guiding a product from conception to market success. It involves understanding customer needs, defining product features, and orchestrating its development and launch.

Blogs serve as invaluable resources for product managers, offering insights, strategies, and real-world experiences from industry experts. They provide timely updates on market trends, best practices, and problem-solving tips, empowering product managers to make informed decisions and drive successful product outcomes.

If you’re finding value in our blogs, we’ve curated a list of the top 15 product management blogs that every product manager should have bookmarked, to aid your exploration further. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just embarking on your product management journey, these blogs will elevate your game and keep you at the cutting edge.

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    1. Roman Pichler’s Blog


    Roman Pichler is an expert in agile product management and lean practices. His blog is packed with practical advice on product strategy, agile methodologies, and leadership in product management.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Agile Product Roadmaps”
    • “How to Create Effective User Stories”
    • “The Product Canvas”

    Key Insight:

    Roman’s comprehensive guides on agile product roadmaps and user stories are particularly beneficial. His practical tips on how to create effective product visions and roadmaps are essential for any product manager looking to implement agile practices.

    2. Ken Norton’s “Bringing the Donuts”

    Ken Norton's "Bringing the Donuts"

    Ken Norton, a partner at Google Ventures, is well-known for his insightful writing on product management. His blog “Bringing the Donuts” features a wealth of articles on the nuances of product management.

    Popular Posts:

    • “How to Hire a Product Manager”
    • “The Importance of Saying No”
    • “Bringing the Donuts: The Role of the Product Manager”

    Key Insight: His famous essay, “How to Hire a Product Manager,” is a must-read. Additionally, his series on product manager interviews offers invaluable insights on what hiring managers look for in candidates, making it a great resource for both hiring managers and job seekers.

    3. Melissa Perri’s Blog

    Melissa Perri's Blog

    Melissa Perri, the author of “Escaping the Build Trap,” focuses her blog on creating valuable products and building strong product teams. She emphasizes the importance of aligning product goals with business objectives.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Escaping the Build Trap”
    • “Why You Need a Product Operations Team”
    • “Creating a Strong Product Culture”

    Key Insight:

    The “Dear Melissa” series is especially engaging, where she answers real-world questions from product managers. Her insights on avoiding common pitfalls in product development are practical and enlightening.

    4. The SVPG Blog by Marty Cagan

    The SVPG Blog by Marty Cagan

    Marty Cagan’s Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) blog is a goldmine for product managers. His posts cover deep insights into product discovery and development processes, drawing from his extensive experience in the industry.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Empowered Product Teams”
    • “The Role of Product Management”
    • “Building Products Customers Love”

    Key Insight:

    Marty’s detailed posts on empowered product teams and the importance of product culture provide a thorough understanding of how to build and lead effective product teams. His thought leadership pieces are essential reads for senior product leaders.

    5. Product Talk by Teresa Torres

    Product Talk by Teresa Torres

    Teresa Torres specializes in continuous discovery habits and user research. Her blog is a goldmine for understanding user-centered design and developing a continuous discovery mindset.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Continuous Discovery Habits”
    • “How to Conduct Effective User Interviews”
    • “Story Mapping for Product Discovery”

    Key Insight:

    Teresa’s “Product in Practice” series offers practical examples of discovery techniques in action, making complex concepts accessible and actionable for product managers at all levels.

    6. The Clever PM

    The Clever PM

    The Clever PM blog is known for its practical advice on balancing strategic and tactical aspects of product management. The blog covers a wide range of topics from product roadmaps to stakeholder management.

    Popular Posts:

    • “The Role of a Product Manager”
    • “Balancing Strategic and Tactical Work”
    • “Effective Stakeholder Management”

    Key Insight:

    The regular “Quick Tips” posts provide bite-sized, actionable advice that can be immediately implemented, making it a valuable resource for busy product managers looking for quick wins.

    7. is a podcast and blog offering insights from various product leaders and entrepreneurs. It covers a broad range of product management topics, including growth hacking, product design, and startup culture.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Growth Hacking Strategies”
    • “Product Design Tips”
    • “Lessons from Successful Startups”

    Key Insight:

    Their interviews with product managers from top companies provide a behind-the-scenes look at product development. These candid conversations are filled with practical insights and lessons learned.

    8. Gibson Biddle’s Blog

    Gibson Biddle’s Blog

    Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product Management at Netflix, shares his experiences and lessons learned in product management. His blog focuses on the strategic aspects of product management.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Product Strategy at Netflix”
    • “How to Build a Product Team”
    • “Metrics that Matter”

    Key Insight:

    His “Build, Measure, Learn” posts are filled with actionable strategies for product managers. His stories from his time at Netflix offer a fascinating glimpse into the product strategies of one of the world’s leading tech companies.

    9. CEO Insider by Business Insider

    CEO Insider by Business Insider

    Business Insider’s CEO Insider offers a unique perspective on leadership, strategy, and innovation from top executives and industry leaders. With exclusive interviews, in-depth analysis, and thought-provoking articles, this blog provides valuable insights into the minds of CEOs and their decision-making processes.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Inside the Mind of a CEO: Strategies for Success”
    • “Navigating Leadership Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World”
    • “Innovation and Adaptability: Lessons from Industry Titans”

    Key Insight:

    CEO Insider delves into the strategic thinking and visionary leadership that drive successful companies. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, this blog offers inspiration and actionable advice to help you excel in the fast-paced world of business.

    10. The Product Coalition

    The Product Coalition

    The Product Coalition is a Medium publication with contributions from product managers worldwide, offering diverse perspectives on product management. It is a community-driven platform where practitioners share their experiences and insights.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Breaking into Product Management”
    • “Effective Product Roadmapping”
    • “Lessons from Failure”

    Key Insight:

    Their “How I Got Here” series features the personal journeys of product managers, providing inspiration and insight into different career paths and experiences in the field.

    11. The Girls in Tech Blog

    The Girls in Tech Blog

    The Girls in Tech Blog is a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for women in the tech industry. It offers a unique perspective on product management, showcasing the experiences and achievements of female leaders in the field.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Breaking Barriers: Women in Product Management”
    • “Navigating the Tech World: Insights from Female Product Managers”
    • “Empowering Women in Product Management: Success Stories and Strategies”

    Key Insight:

    The blog’s focus on diversity and inclusion in product management sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of women in tech. It provides valuable insights and advice for aspiring female product managers, encouraging them to thrive in a male-dominated industry.

    12. Andrew Chen’s Blog

    Andrew Chen's Blog

    Andrew Chen’s blog focuses on growth and user acquisition strategies, making it an essential read for product managers interested in scaling products.

    Popular Posts:

    • “Growth Hacking Strategies”
    • “How to Build Network Effects”
    • “User Acquisition Tactics”

    Key Insight:

    Andrew’s detailed analysis of growth models and network effects provides a deep understanding of how to scale products effectively. His expertise in growth hacking offers practical strategies for product managers.

    13. The Product Management Blog by Aha!

    The Product Management Blog by Aha

    Aha! provides a blog with a strong focus on product roadmapping, strategy, and planning. It offers practical advice for using their product management software, but also covers broader topics relevant to all product managers.

    Popular Posts:

    • “How to Build a Product Roadmap”
    • “Product Strategy Best Practices”
    • “Using Data to Drive Product Decisions”

    Key Insight:

    Their detailed guides on product road mapping and strategy provide actionable steps for product managers to create and implement effective product plans. The blog also offers insights into using data for better decision-making.

    14. The Intercom Blog

    The Intercom Blog

    Intercom’s blog provides insights on customer engagement, product management, and startup growth. It is known for its high-quality content and practical advice.

    Popular Posts:

    • “The Art of Product Management”
    • “Customer Feedback Loops”
    • “Scaling Startups with Effective Product Strategies”

    Key Insight:

    Their articles on customer feedback and engagement offer practical strategies for product managers to connect with users and improve product experiences. The blog also covers effective product strategies for scaling startups.

    15. Institute of Product Leadership’s Blog

    Institute of Product Leadership’s Blog

    We might be tooting our own horn a bit here, but if you stumbled upon this article through Google and haven’t yet explored our blogs, you’re in for a treat. Our blogs are packed with insights from industry experts and educators. We offer comprehensive guides, practical how-tos, and thought-provoking articles on everything from career advice to advanced product strategies.

    Popular Posts:

    Key Insight:

    Our career-focused posts are particularly valuable, offering practical advice on how to navigate and advance in the product management field. The Institute’s educational perspective adds a unique depth to the content, making it a great resource for both learning and professional growth. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for a weekly batch of our best content!


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