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The Power of Thought Leadership and Personal Branding (Jamie Barnett)

The Power of Thought Leadership and Personal Branding

Wearing the founder or sales and marketing hat and selling your product is getting a lot tougher today, especially in the technology space. The way people buy a technology product is changing and the art of selling must also keep pace. Here is where 'Thought Leadership' comes in.

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IPL presents an opportunity to listen to a Thought Leadership Queen' herself: Ms. Barnett, the Chief Marketing Officer of cloud security firm Netskope. Ms. Barnett believes in and practices the tenet that in thought leadership, content is the key. She shares a wealth of practical ideas and tips in IPL's December webinar.

In the webinar, Ms.Barnett introduces and explains thought leadership beautifully using real-life examples from Netskope and also the personal branding success stories of its leadership team. This is not a boring slideshow about how to position your expertise well. Filled with engaging content and practical insights, Ms. Barnett first takes you through six real ways to make your Thought Leadership content better. She deftly navigates through the best practices and easy slip-ups one can make when putting content together.

Throughout the webinar, Ms. Barnett connects the dots between Thought Leadership and Personal Branding. As a founder deeply passionate about your industry or as a CXO rearing to share your knowledge with the world, who better than you to deliver a powerful message to the industry and your customers?Areyou ready to be the face of the idea? The 5 Must-Haves for a Thought Leader detailed by Ms. Barnett will surely get you charged up and on the right path.

An inspirational speaker, Ms. Barnett advises listeners to think about what their expertise is and how they too can become powerful Thought Leaders. The story of Krishna Narayanaswami, Netskope's Cofounder and his journey to becoming a respected thought leader in the field of cloud security and malware will leave you eager to start penning your own thoughts. Just to make sure you take away ideas grounded in reality and practicality, Ms.Barnett ends with a four-point action plan for you to succeed.

Don't miss the final Q&A session, where Ms.Barnett responds to several very interesting queries on how to make this really work at the workplace.

A golden opportunity to learn about thought leadership from a thought leader in the B2B tech world.


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