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On Tuesday, June 10th, the Institute of Product Leadership celebrated its graduation ceremony at Royal Orchid, Bangalore – a beautiful event where enthusiastic, talented budding Product Managers received their certificates where many esteemed senior product leaders like Sanjeev Kumar, MD, Informatica, Amit Phadnis, President, Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco System and Nitin Deshpande, President, Allscripts India shared their experiences on product management.

By 7:30pm the conference hall was filled with the many guests, where our 11 happy ICPM Winter 2014 graduates shone in GRACEFUL formals, made an appearance with mixed feelings of nervousness, pride, happiness. There was a common unanimous desire in every participant’s mind, which was to accelerate their career in product industry and appreciate every moment of this important step in their lives.

In the midst of laughter and joy, the participants listened to the many anecdotes shared by alumini and other senior leaders of the product industry.

Here are five observations worth sharing from our 5th graduation party:

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Exuberant zeal:

The participants and that too, many of them having 15+ yr experience splashed an immense amount of zeal and were completely soaked up with baffling enthusiasm to embark the ship of product management.

Connecting with ICPM alumi:

Interestingly, when Prathiba Srinivasan, ICPM Class of Fall 2013, spoke about her transition after a career break and how she managed to get back into a Sr. Product Management role. A few participants on sabbatical could connect and felt on the same boat as they also wish to transit and start their career after a break as a Product Manager.

Networking: A key to success

Seemingly, folks from the technology background usually underestimate the power of networking. However, the program’s emphasis on the power of networking taught the participants to put an extra effort to reach out to people in respective areas especially if you want to become a great Product Manager. The graduation ceremony was a wonderful opportunity for them to connect with many established leaders of the product industry.

Envisage the impossible (Inventing can be fun):

The participants could connect themselves with Abhijeet Chaudhry, an alumnus of IPL (ICPM batch), now a successful entrepreneur, who recently launched a product called Pickcel (Healthcare In-house solution for Branding, Promotions, Infotainment and Visual Communication). This apparently inspired the participants that if you desire something and have burning passion in you, nothing is impossible and nobody can stop you from turning your brilliant ideas into a great success.

Conceptualization on a globally successful product:

Amit Phadnis, President, Enterprise Networking Group with Cisco Systems emphasized on the conceptualization on products that can be globally successful. Amit focussed on creating something which should not merely a huge success within India but across the globe as well.

On the other hand, Nitish Deshpandey, President, Allscripts India, advised the participants to follow their passion and success will follow by itself, which he defined as a magic secret to career contentment.
After enjoying the many radiant smiles as they walked, the ICPM winter 2014 graduates continued the celebration at dinner time with their peers and other product industry leaders.

Congratulations ICPM 2014 Winter Batch!!


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