The Future of Product Managers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain world

11 July 2019

09:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaway

  • Learn about current state and latest trends in AI and blockchain space.
  • Framework to understand the basics, and how to align problem space and solution space to deliver customer value.
  • Learn how to build delightful products in fast converging world.

About the Speaker


Manjeet Singh,
The Ninja PM,

Manjeet Singh is a product management leader at ServiceNow. In his current role, he is driving Insights into Enterprise apps through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (NLP, Chat Bots, Benchmarks, Process Mining, Analytics and Continuous Improvement). In his past experience at HP and early stage Startups, he has taken many cloud/data based products/solutions from ideation to a successful launch to both enterprise and consumer markets.He has a broad depth of experience including Software Development, Data Analytics, Quality Management, Service Management, Product Management and Strategy.

Manjeet Singh has an MBA from Leavy School of Business, Santa Clara University and a BE in Computer Engineering from India. He is a frequent writer, speaker and presenter at many conferences on the topic of automation, machine learning, Innovation and lean product management. Manjeet also founded a non-profit health company, Agilefitness,  aimed at helping corporate workforce struggling to maintain their health and Fitness level.


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