Institute of Product Leadership Webinar

Using Design Thinking To Build Global Products

19 March 2019

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaways

About the Speaker

Niyam Bhushan
Expert in Product Management, Design, AI, published author, Digital Dionysus

Niyam Bhushan currently lives at the intersection where Design-Thinking and User-Experience (UX) Design blend together to create innovative products, services, and solutions. He is an industry-pioneer and industry-veteran in various disciplines of Design. Niyam is a successful entrepreneur too. He has played an instrumental role in helping bring innovative, global, and impactful products to market from Apple, Adobe, Intel, Google, and Xerox, as well as with leading enterprise software products in Fintech and Telecom. He has mentored over 200 startups across verticals. In 2014 he founded, with the aim of transforming India into a super-hub of Design in the world. Through eventual partnerships with NASSCOM, he has conducted over 40 workshops on UX Design and Design-Thinking across 8 locations in India.

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