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Data Visualisation and Consulting

Telling Stories with Data

3 Weeks Live Sessions | 4th Weekend Campus Immersion

Go beyond buzzwords and build a solid understanding of Applied Data Science for making smarter strategic decisions. Learn to place illegible data in a visual context. Become a “Data Smart” business leader. Use the best visualization tools to make remarkable business presentations and gain visibility within your organization. This bootcamp will equip you to engage with and speak the language of Data Scientists.

Cross Functional Communication

Apply Data Science to improve business performance
Learn to use Analytics as a competitive strategy enabling confident, cross functional communication

Visualize and make Impactful Business Decisions

Use data to present, critique, and defend business decisions to key stakeholders
Use Visualisation and Storytelling to create impact and visibility in the organisation

Why this Bootcamp

Work on Real-life Data Science Problems

Take your career headon by working on projects using a competency based learning paradigm. Quality of time spent and the outcome is far more important than the quantity.

Work 1:1 with a Mentor

We pair you with a mentor who has extensive professional and academic knowledge of the field. You’ll have one-on-one conversations with your mentor, and receive useful feedback on improving your work.

We Will Keep You Engaged

Our mentors are here to keep you motivated, answer questions, provide feedback, and help deepen your understanding of essential tools and techniques. Learn with live online classes and face to face sessions. Learning is best when you are able to ask the questions and clarify your doubts with the faculty.

What You Will Learn

■ Anatomy of great presentations
■ Best Practices of effective storytelling
■ Power of Stories in Business

■ What is Data Visualization and why does it matter?
■ Brief History of Data Visualization
■ Best practices of visualization

■ Charts and their Uses
■ Maps, Graphs and Trees

■ Excel/R ggplot2/Python matplotlib
■ Tableau and data visualization

■ Dashboards with Tableau
■ Dashboards as storyboards
■ Design thinking with data

■ Data science project management 
■ Asking the right questions to ascertain data science challenges
■ Formulating challenges into coherent data science problems
■ Interpreting results and implications for business 
■ Communicating and presenting to clients and stakeholders of data science

1. Visualize with Axios the GDP growth of  50 countries in the last decade.

2. Create emojis to visualize twitter sentiments on a controversial hashtag.

3. Visualize the political blogosphere to understand how political ideas emerge & move across the physical world.

Ability to be learn hands on with real industry data and delivering insights to industry jury is the best part of the program. Data Science and its application for Decision Science with practitioner faculty is the biggest highlight of the program. Strongly Recommend it.

Vinod Tiwari

Senior Analyst, TCS

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