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Advanced Data Modeling for Decision Making

Master Feature Engineering to Predictive Analytics and everything in between

3 Weeks Live Sessions | 4th Weekend Campus Immersion

In this bootcamp you will master a practical level understanding of Modeling and Optimization techniques using various Data Science methods. Under the expert guidance of a mentor, you will train in storytelling with data and creating an industry-ready portfolio that can catapult your career into new heights.

Prerequisite: Fair understanding of Statistics and familiarity with Programming in R or Python

Fundamental properties of an Optimization problem

Feature Selection & Dimensionality Reduction

Application of Optimization methods to problems

Gain advanced level Research Methodology skills in the field of study

Why this Bootcamp

Work on Real-life Data Science Problems

Take your career headon by working on projects using a competency based learning paradigm. Quality of time spent and the outcome is far more important than the quantity.

Work 1:1 with a Mentor

We pair you with a mentor who has extensive professional and academic knowledge of the field. You’ll have one-on-one conversations with your mentor, and receive useful feedback on improving your work.

We Will Keep You Engaged

Our mentors are here to keep you motivated, answer questions, provide feedback, and help deepen your understanding of essential tools and techniques. Learn with live online classes and face to face sessions. Learning is best when you are able to ask the questions and clarify your doubts with the faculty.

What You Will Learn

■ Introduction to Modeling in Data Science
■ Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction
■ CRISP-DM and Knowledge Discovery
■ Anomaly Detection

■ Time Series Analysis
■ Forecasting

■ Operations Research & Techniques

■ Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis
■ NLP, Social Network Analysis

■ Make impactful Data Visualizations

1. Build a hospital bed flow management model using optimization techniques.

2. Optimize release dates & regional targeting for film rollouts.

3. Optimize field – force labour allocation for an agricultural giant.

Ability to be learn hands on with real industry data and delivering insights to industry jury is the best part of the program. Data Science and its application for Decision Science with practitioner faculty is the biggest highlight of the program. Strongly Recommend it.

Vinod Tiwari

Senior Analyst, TCS

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