Institute of Product Leadership
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Sam Augustin - ICPM Class of Spring 2013

Product Manager, Master Card, Singapore to Director, Network Products, Visa


“I started in software development, then moved on to Project Management. After that I’ve been working with Business teams to implement products from a customer standpoint. So, with that aspect, I always thought that the next move in my career would be product management. So, that’s when I started looking at courses that would help me get into Product Management.

I looked at many options internationally in Singapore and even the US where I frequently travel. I did a google search and found this program that was offered in India, which is not predominantly known for the product management space. I looked at the modules - they looked very complete. I showed them to my mentors and they validated that the content was good. I talked to the faculty to understand how it worked."

As I work in Singapore I did not want to be limited by just Indian industry exposure. I wanted to learn about global experiences. This was one of the good aspects about IPL. Their faculty was from around the world - from Hong Kong, the Silicon Valley etc. which was great. That triggered me to join.”

Key Takeaways

“I am able to think from a Product Management perspective, not just what a PM would do, but it triggered me into thinking how to make a product, build a product, going to the market, making revenue.
- Relationship building: When I talked to people in the industry, I was able to network and have conversations. - I learnt the capabilities of being an Indian Product Manager, and tricks of the trade an Indian has to sell in bigger markets worldwide.

This course played a big part in moving me to a Product Manager’s role two weeks ago. My journey in my new role has been smoother because of my learnings in the course.