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Top 5 responsibilities of a GROWTH PRODUCT MANAGER

In this week’s webinar, Anand Arivukkarasu, ex-Facebook and VP- GRIN, explained the concepts of Product led Growth and shattered a few myths surrounding it while also elaborating the responsibilities of a Growth Product Manager and skills needed to become a Growth Product Manager.

While Anand touched upon a lot of topics, we found one topic that would pique interest for a lot of people- How does a Growth Product Manager champion Product led Growth? 

  1. Build Product that users love- Identifying the right market fit.
  2. Build virality in Product Design- Referrals, Reviews, Upsell, etc..,
  3. Take Product to the centre of GTM- Monetization and Pricing as a growth leverage
  4. Identify and develop growth channels- Platforms, Partnerships and API Integrations
  5. Collaborate with Sales teams to incorporate growth metrics in product KPI

To view an elaborated version of this blog post, check out the full video below-