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Internet of Things is gradually reshaping the world into a quantifiable and measurable ecosystem that will empower “things” to connect and talk with each other. Becoming the cornerstone and wave of home automation space, IoT is set to change the way people live and work.

In the near future, smart homes will replace traditional lifestyle with its capability to allow individuals interact with home appliances, fortify security and conserve energy in an unprecedented fashion.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Today, manual handling of electronic equipments is a pain point for many. The legacy methods consume time and energy, and offer threat to the safety of environment.
Target customer: Builders.

Proposed Solution

An efficient and effective home automation package, which seamlessly integrates home electronics with mobile app and internet.

Value Proposition

For users (end customers), value proposition is convenience of controlling appliances, from anywhere and at anytime. Builders can leverage the platform to earn competitive edge and increase their brand value in the disruptive age of smart things.



Nima Nair,
Associate Manager, Biocon-Bristol Myers Squibb R&D Center

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?

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