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Fashion is an integral part of women’s life. It reflects self expression, comfort, and confidence that makes personalities more elegant. Many women prefers diversity when it comes to filling closets, and due to this, lots of innovation and options are manifesting in the industry. Having said that, the footwear segment of the fashion ecosystem has still yet to see any improvement or radical change as compare to other elements.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Modern day youth and working women buy a large number of shoes/heels to achieve diversity. They carry several pairs while travelling as well to complement their dresses. The amount of expense to buy these shoes and the amount of space needed to carry them has a room for optimization.

Proposed Solution

Sole is a one of a kind convertible heel for women that can be customized on-demand to fit the occasion and the dress. No need to carry multiple shoes anymore.

Value Proposition

To Youth: wSole is the only pair of heels you would ever need to look elegant for any occasion. The convertible straps with several colors and designs would never let you be anything but at your best! To Working Women: wSole is the only pair of heels you would ever need whether you are at a business meeting or travelling for work. They are comfortable and have diverse styles all on one sole!



Prashant Poladia, Product Manager, ADP


Debadyuti RoyChowdhury,
Co-Founder, Tappozz

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