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In today’s fast-paced world, there is a need to be connected and safe. Being connected as a society can render various benefits to the residents, especially senior citizens living alone. But, there doesn’t exist any technology that could allow people living nearby stay connected.

Target customer

Residents of mid to large size communities Bangalore ( Communities of 300+ apartments in Bangalore)

Proposed Solution

So-cy-T is an app-based service that enables residents to connect and collaborate with each other for emergency needs, special interests, socializing and car pooling. So-cy-T enables residents leverage the power of their neighbourhood.

Value Proposition

For senior citizens – Enables senior citizens to connect to rest of community, safe and independent living in a community, and reduces isolation.

For the working population – Enables safe and convenient ride sharing, increases social network

For all community residents – Safe and secure collaboration, stay connected with community rules and regulations, socializing and creation of special interest groups.


Dr. Abhijeet Waghmare,
Research Associate,
St. John’s Research Institute

Santhosh Kumar P,
Manhattan Associates

Adinarayana Pabolu,
Senior Engineering Manager,

Vivek Agarwal,
Sr. QA,
Tyco Internationals