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Problem Context

■ Long term adherence to lifestyle changes and self management is an issue for type 2 diabetics.
■ Lack of peer group for empathy, support and motivation a missing link in  diabetes management

Target customer

Type 2 Diabetics living in urban areas with access to a smartphone in the age group of 30-60 yrs

Proposed Solution

A team based model to reward and recognise diabetics who adhere to a strong diabetes control program and keep diabetes under control

Value Proposition

A mobile app for diabetics to connect to a social platform that allows to work in groups to set goals for diabetes management. A platform to connect, motivate and achieve long term adherence in a fun and engaging manner.


Anshul Gupta,
Director – Products and Global Service Delivery,
Sproxil, Inc,

Gayathri Vaidyanathan,
Technical Specialist,

Kiran Sundara Raman,
Vice President,
Bosch Engineering

Rajesh Roy,
Product Owner,