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In the past, brick-n- mortar stores offered usability, instant gratification, and social quotient to the customers, but lately, these aspects are converging to a single point; enhanced user experience. Customers are expecting greater convenience and personalized services across various shopping channels.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Various shopping touch points inside the retail stores such as easy access to products, offers, new arrivals, and product reviews impacts the purchasing decision. However, often these factors are overshadowed by the need of convenience and simplified user experience. Also, the connection between retailers and customers is limited. Brick-n-mortar retailers need a system, which could help them gain better insight into customer’s shopping behaviours to deliver quality use-experience and service.

Proposed Solution

Developing a mobile application for users and retailers that is built on the bedrock of data analytics, and cognitive engine. It will help users to locate stores on a map and access various services provided by them, both when outside and inside the store. It will also leverage data and harvest intelligent insights into customer’s behaviour, while providing a launching pad for new products too.

Value Proposition

Providing a personalized in-store shopping assistant to help users shop efficiently and effectively.



Vaibhav Goel, Program Manager, ITC Infotech


Bramhanand Reddy Patil,
Managing Director, Vector Infomatik India

Open Questions

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● Access to IT operates?

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