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When we initially started, we wanted to change the way people look at community interaction in cities. We thought of various ways of approaching this, but finally we settled on the avenue of interaction with NGOs as one way to mobilise people support.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Currently several small/medium NGOs operating at city level do not have a platform where they can mobilise support for their projects. On the other hand, people generally do not trust ad hoc requests for donations since they are not sure where their money is going. Transparency is also an issue for them, as people want to know if their money was well utilised.

Proposed Solution

We aim to develop a platform (website and mobile app) to develop the habit of ‘giving and sharing’. This will initially be in the form of either money or being a volunteer for NGO projects. The NGOs will post back on platform to give feedback to people. If this platform gains traction, we aim to extend the functionality to other avenues, including all ways to increase community interaction.

Value Proposition

● NGOs have a more reliable platform for their needs, instead of relying on tele calling and manual efforts.
● People get a transparent, trusted and easy to use platform to ‘give’.



Anuj Gupta,
Senior Architect,

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?