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Lifelong Engagement with Institute of Product Leadership

Institute of Product Leadership Alumni - IPLite (pronounced as IP Elite!) shares a lifelong relationship with the Institute. Exploring new learnings, Attending Industry Connect Seminars, Mentoring Others are just few ways to stay engaged with the Product Leadership Community.

6 Ways of Engaging with the Institute post the program

1. Leverage the Network

Are you listed on the Institute of Product Leadership University Page on Linkedin? Follow these simple steps to add yourself to the Institute of Product Leadership Alumni Network and leverage the network of other IPLites. Keeping your Linkedin Profile updated is always a sign of professional growth! New Role, New gig? Inspire others with your success story

2. Become a Coach

As part of our "Learning by Doing" pedagogy, we invite domain experts, functional experts to mentor participants with their Product Labs Project. Become a Coach and spend an hour a month to make sure they learn from your success (and failures!)

Amit Phadnis

3. Industry Connect Events

Join a conversation with an industry expert as part of the Networking Events and stay abreast of the emerging trends and continue to build your network through 1:1 with these Execs.

4. Join a Courselet

You might love the courses as part of Exec MBA program but only want to master an area or two - you can now register for a courselet - a singleton course module taught by the same global practitioners faculty.

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5. Looking to Build your team

If your company is building and expanding the teams and are looking to hire, post it here or send us a note and our Career Management Center would love to socialize the profiles for IPLites who might be looking for change.

6. Sponsor a Product Challenge

Sponsored Projects have identified challenges and opportunities identified by companies that interns can work on. As part of the Industry Immersion semester for most Institute of Product Leadership programs, now participants are expected to work on real world sponsored projects or build their own startup idea as part of the incubator.

See if you can identify some exciting projects for them to work on. There is no financial expectations for this, its more of a service to the company and providing exciting learning experience to the participant