Institute of Product Leadership
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Engage senior IPL Alumni for your exciting product challenge

Welcoming Industry Execs and Scaling Startup Founders to engage with our senior (Avg 12 years of experience) graduating participants in the Executive MBA Class who are ready to work on your challenging problem or a new product idea.

Engagement Parameters

● As part of our "Learning by Doing" pedagogy at IPL, selected EMBA participants are invited to take on an industry sponsored product challange problem working on for atleast 100 business days.

● Industry Sponsor Projects can range from User Experience/Prototyping to GoToMarket Strategy, from Online Marketing Execution to Customer Validation and Segmentation - essentially any aspect of the productizing process.

● While there is NO financial expectations on either side (most are full time working professionals), their final grades are awarded by the project sponsor as they graduate.

Become a Project Sponsor