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Kloud Kare

While there are many apps and systems in the healthcare industry, most of them reflect poor patient reach and user experience. The trend of storing medical records manually is prevalent in various areas, due to which, people with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension fail to receive an adequate treatment.

Target customer

Any patient with access to smartphone technology and internet(targets 10K patients in the first year)

Proposed Solution

The cloud-based solution, KloudKare, proposes to provide personalized healthcare to patients by digitizing personal health history, and electronic health and medical records. The solution will provide a patient-centric healthcare platform, which patients can access using a smartphone app.

Value Proposition

Access health records anywhere and anytime, with one click storage and retrieval. The solution eliminates manual filing of health and medical records.


Rahul Anand,
General Manager, Accenture

Ashish Jain,
Sr. Manager(Projects), Ebix Software

Anup Pande, Entrepreneure

Abhishek Singh,
PSE, CA Technologies

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