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There is a huge divide existing between the industry and students coming from Tier-3 engineering colleges, which we are aiming to bridge through our comprehensive platform.
Our solution will enable graduates to connect with leading companies and emerging startups, and accelerate their careers towards success.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

We have come across many engineering students who cannot place themselves in Industry due to the reputation of their colleges. These students often find their back against the walls when it comes to understand corporate culture and what expectations to hoist from them. To help such students, we aspire to create a easy-to-use platform that could enhance their skills and knowledge around latest technologies. The training will fortify student's confidence for the future challenges, whether it to land a dream job or climb the corporate ladder. On aim also includes bridging startups with our end-users and creating a window of bilateral opportunities that could benefit both parties.
Target customer: Engineering students in Tier 3 colleges

Proposed Solution

Building a bridging platform to connect the fresh graduates with startup community

Value Proposition

Competant students.



SidVin Core Tech

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?