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While Karnataka has 56,000 + engineering colleges, a lack of skilled workforce still exists today. Students feel that the curriculum offered by colleges does not prepare them for the industry. Students in Tier 2 cities need continuous guidance to make the right career choices, and there is a need for continuous and relevant curriculum to hone the right skills.

Target customer

Students who want to pursue continuous learning, tutoring and are looking for placements.

Proposed Solution

“The Ark” enables students to sign-up for relevant courses at no-cost by partnering with 140 universities across 28 countries. Students can learn at their own pace, and obtain a course completion certificate from well-known universities. The solution also introduces students to prospective employers.

Value Proposition

Students in Tier 2 cities get a platform to pursue continuous learning and learn relevant industry skills, besides obtaining certifications from recognized universities across the globe. They develop confidence for job interviews, get mentoring from industry experts, and can land jobs by getting access to interviews.


Vanamala Narayan, Vice President,
JP Morgan Chase

Sunil Sridhara, Architect,
Cisco Video Systems

Sindhu Selvaraj, Account Executive, Aspect software

Mohan Khyadi, Delivery Lead, Accenture

Kishan Malur,
Product Manager, Bosch

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