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Easy Claims

Problem Context

■ No integrated solution for Salary Reimbursement.
■ Uploading of bills by employees is cumbersome.
■ Approval of bills by finance team takes a very long time.

Target customer

■ Mid-size, Small Companies (50-500 employees)
Financial Admins, Finance Managers, CFO, CEO

Proposed Solution

Provide a mobile and web based solution to simplify the process of scanning, filing and approving salary claim reimbursement (Medical/ Fuel/ Telephone bills et al).

Value Proposition

App to scan, apply and facilitate work flow of the claim.
Web based solution for easy approval of bills.


Chandramouli Godhandaraman,
Technical Program Manager – II, Amazon

Snehal Topre,
Program Manager,
Robert Bosch

Praveen Pothuri,
Manager – Projects,


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