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Today, many children have working parents, which is why they remain under the scrutiny of elders in the family or with house-help. And when children return home from their school, playing games or eating junk remain top on their to-do list. As it continues, the habit could translate into weight gain or bad health in the future.

Target customer

Parents and Activity Centres

Proposed Solution

The solution proposes to help parents remain connected with their children without the inhibitions of work commitments. The platform allows parents to drop and pick their children to a safe, secure, and previously-vetted activity centres that ensures well-being of children, while providing a fun and productive environment to them.

Value Proposition

For parents – Improved health of children, increased engagement in meaningful activities and keeps children away from gadgets. Parents get some quality time for themselves while the child is engaged.

For the Activity Centre – Helps build a new customer base, increases utilization of space and footfall, and helps to extend services.


Vinay Kumar,
Solution Designer, Cerner Healthcare

Rajeev Ahobala,
Software Engineer,

Rajasekar Kumara,
Principal Product Manager,

Mandar Deshpande,
Sr. Project Manager, Fidelity Investments

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