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Pugal Panneerselvam – EMBA Class of 2014

Pugal Panneerselvam – EMBA Class of 2014

Vice President Technology, JP Morgan Chase to Vice President Product, ilantus Technologies


“I got tired of hearing that IT doesn’t deliver business value. Often we find that people use only 2%-5% of features in a product. I wanted to understand how you actually deliver value and what it takes to build things that the customer really values. I stepped across the Executive MBA program (EMBA) offered by IPL while browsing.”

What attracted me to the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program at IPL?

Product Focus – I had knowledge in silos, I wanted to know how to connect the dots.

Experiential Learning – Having two decades of experience in the corporate world, I wanted a sandbox environment to understand how to apply what I learnt.

Learning from Practitioners – I was not looking for just another degree, but the opportunity to hear from people who are actually doing the job.

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