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Telecom Data Analytics


Adopt a data-driven approach to derive user insights, optimize network usage, seal customer satisfaction, and enhance profitability

Key Highlights

Course Length

2 Weeks

100% Online

With Continuous Learning Community support + Monthly Live Webinars


4-5 Hours/Week

Learning Access

Resource Toolkit & Templates + Unlimited Networking Events

Fastest Way to Understand the nuances of end to end Product Design, UX & UI Design with simple and yet complete coverage on concepts, frameworks to interlock with Design teams
Jaya S
Product Manager, VMWare
Moving from a Graphic Design role in UX & Product Design, the course helped me gain confidence and structure for things i was already doing intuitively and adhocly.
Sudha M
Designer, RazorPay

What will you Learn?

Top skills you will learn

Course Curriculum

  •    Data Extraction in Hadoop
  •    Data Extraction in Hadoop Quiz
  •    Data Extraction in Hadoop-Text
  •    Data Types and Missing Values
  •    Understanding Data_Code Execution
  •    Converting to Factors and Scaling Numeric Data Types
  •    Converting to Factors and Scaling Numeric Data Types – Quiz
  •    Classification / Bucketing Data
  •    Classification / Bucketing Data Quiz
  •    Data Transformation_Code Execution
  •    Understanding Clustering
  •    Understanding Clustering – Quiz
  •    Applying Clustering to the Problem Statement
  •    Applying Clustering to the Problem Statement- Quiz
  •    Graphical View / Plotting Clusters
  •    Clustering_Code Execution
  •    Understanding Clustering – Text
  •    Graphical View / Plotting Clusters – Quiz
  •    Variable Distribution Across Clusters
  •    Variable Distribution Across Clusters – Quiz
  •    Solution to The Problem Statement
  •    Solution to The Problem Statement – text
  •    Course Summary
  •    Course Summary – Text

Ideal For

Telecom Industry Professionals, Functional Managers, Strategists, Product Managers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, anyone interested in Data Science

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Optimize Resource Usage
Optimize Resource UsageYou are keen on using data as an insight generator and decision-driven so infrastructural resources are used in most optimized manner possible
Read More
Generate Business Insights
Generate Business InsightsKnowing that managing industry competition will depend on who uses data better in, you want to leverage insights generated to shape strategic and tactical moves at the business level
Read More
Pursue Industry Leadership
Pursue Industry LeadershipYou want the pursuit of industry leadership as central to your firm's future outlook and know data will be the most critical asset in getting there
Read More

Telecom providers have a treasure trove of captive data - customer data, CDR, call center interactions and tower logs. However, they have been unable to fully exploit the latent value.

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