Cluster Analysis


Craft customer profiles to conduct a deep dive into consumption behavior to generate foresight that aid marketing decision making

Key Highlights

Course Length

2 Weeks

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4-5 Hours/Week

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Fastest Way to Understand the nuances of end to end Product Design, UX & UI Design with simple and yet complete coverage on concepts, frameworks to interlock with Design teams

Jaya S
Product Manager, VMWare

Moving from a Graphic Design role in UX & Product Design, the course helped me gain confidence and structure for things i was already doing intuitively and adhocly.

Sudha M
Designer, RazorPay

What will you Learn?

  • Overview of Data Analytics
  • Data-Driven Market Segmentation
  • Hierarchical Clustering and K- Means Clustering
  • Applying Cluster Analysis to Identify and Segment Markets
  • Market Segmentation Using Metric & Categorical Data

Top skills you will learn

  • Clustering with Categorical Data
  • Clustering Methods
  • Data Analytics tools & techniques

Course Curriculum

Ideal For

Product Managers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, anyone interested in Data Science

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Generate Deep Insights
Generate Deep InsightsYou want to go beyond surface-level assessments of customers to understand their consumption lifestyle with acute clarity
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Pilot Targeted Micromarketing
Pilot Targeted MicromarketingYou want to make marketing decisions in line with behavioral impulses of micro-segments for enhanced value impact
Read More
Unravel Behavioral Dynamics
Unravel Behavioral DynamicsRecognizing the importance of tapping into latent needs, you intend to use research techniques and methods to decipher buyer impulses
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In an increasingly customer-centric world, the ability to capture and use customer insights to shape products, solutions, and the buying experience as a whole is critically important.


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