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A Comprehensive Guide on Average Product Manager Salary in India in 2024

Product management has emerged as one of the most sought-after careers in the tech industry. Not only does it involve shaping and guiding the development of innovative products, but it also comes with attractive compensation packages. Whether you’re considering a career as a product manager in India or elsewhere, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the earning potential in this dynamic field. In this blog, we’ll explore the average product manager salary range, the factors influencing these salaries, and how product managers can increase their earnings. We’ll also take a closer look at how product manager salaries compare across different companies, locations, and countries.

Key Takeaways:

  • In this blog, we will discover the average earning potential for product managers in 2024, ranging from entry-level to top leadership positions.
  • Further also get insights into how top tech companies in India stack up in terms of product manager salaries.
  • Here we will also delve into the factors including experience, skills, and location that influence the salaries of Product Managers.
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    What is the Average Product Manager Salary in India?

    Product manager salaries can vary significantly, influenced by multiple factors, including experience, skills, location, and the company you work for. In India, where the tech industry is experiencing rapid growth, the average salary of product managers is notably competitive.

    According to PayScale, the average salary of product managers in India is ₹1,853,550 per annum. Although the average product manager salary in India hovers around 16 lakhs, it can soar to 60 lakhs per year with increasing experience and the acquisition of new skills. Even for entry-level positions, product management offers a compelling starting pay. A junior product manager can expect to earn between 10-12 lakhs per year, and when profit-sharing comes into play, they can receive an additional 50,000 to 1 lakh on top of their base salary.

    How Does a Product Manager’s Salary Vary Based on Seniority Level?

    Product manager salaries tend to rise significantly as you progress through various seniority levels. The level of responsibility and decision-making associated with each seniority level corresponds to higher salaries. Here’s a detailed breakdown of product manager salaries by seniority level in India:

    1. Assistant Product Manager Salary: ₹8.9 Lakhs

    2. Associate Product Manager Salary: ₹13 Lakhs

    3. Product Manager Salary: ₹20.3 Lakhs

    4. Senior Product Manager Salary: ₹33.1 Lakhs

    a. Google Senior Product Manager Salary: ₹57.3 Lakhs

    5. Principal Product Manager Salary: ₹48.3 Lakhs

    a. Principal Product Manager Amazon Salary: ₹75.62 Lakhs

    6. Senior Director Product Management Salary: ₹55 Lakhs

    7. VP of Product Management Salary: ₹74.3 Lakhs

    These figures emphasize the direct correlation between seniority levels and salaries. As product managers climb the corporate ladder and take on more significant responsibilities, their compensation increases accordingly.

    Average Product Manager Salaries by Company

    The company you work for as a Product Manager can have a substantial impact on your product manager’s salary. Different organizations have distinct pay scales and compensation structures. Let’s delve into the average product manager salaries for some of the leading tech companies in India:

      1. Netflix Product Manager Salary: ₹2.5 Crore
      2. Google Product Manager Salary: ₹65.17 Lakhs
      3. Adobe Product Manager Salary: ₹61.3 Lakhs
      4. Meta Product Manager Salary: ₹54.32 Lakhs
      5. Microsoft Product Manager Salary: ₹53.2 Lakhs
      6. Home Depot Product Manager Salary: ₹50 Lakhs
      7. Facebook Product Manager Salary: ₹42.9 Lakhs
      8. Walmart Product Manager Salary: ₹42.5 Lakhs
      9. Salesforce Product Manager Salary: ₹41 Lakhs
      10. Capital One Product Manager Salary: ₹40.9 Lakhs
      11. Amazon Product Manager Salary: ₹39.5 Lakhs
      12. Apple Product Manager Salary: ₹36.2 Lakhs
      13. Flipkart Product Manager Salary: ₹30.51 Lakhs
      14. Cisco Product Manager Salary: ₹30 Lakhs
      15. Oracle Product Manager Salary: ₹26.6 Lakhs
      16. Paytm Product Manager Salary: ₹24.18 Lakhs
      17. Credit Karma Product Manager Salary: $209,736
      18. IXL Learning Product Manager Salary: $131,673

    These figures underline the competitive nature of the tech industry, where top-tier companies offer higher salaries to attract and retain top talent. It’s essential to consider the reputation, financial stability, and work culture of the company when evaluating potential job offers.

    Average Product Manager Salaries by Location

    Location is another critical factor influencing product manager salaries. Cities with a thriving tech ecosystem typically offer higher salaries to remain competitive in the talent market. Here’s a detailed breakdown of product manager salaries in major cities across India:

      1. Product Manager Salary Gurgaon: ₹22.4 Lakhs
      2. Product Manager Salary Chennai: ₹22 Lakhs
      3. Product Manager Salary Bangalore: ₹21.7 Lakhs
      4. Product Manager Salary Hyderabad: ₹21.2 Lakhs
      5. Product Manager Salary New Delhi: ₹19.9 Lakhs
      6. Product Manager Salary Ahmedabad: ₹19.8 Lakhs
      7. Product Manager Salary Pune: ₹19.3 Lakhs
      8. Product Manager Salary Kolkata: ₹19.1 Lakhs
      9. Product Manager Salary Mumbai: ₹19.1 Lakhs
      10. Product Manager Salary Jaipur: ₹15.5 Lakhs

    This geographical breakdown reveals that tech-centric cities offer higher product manager salaries. However, it’s essential to consider the cost of living when evaluating potential job offers, as living expenses can vary significantly from one city to another.

    Average Product Manager Salary in India: Based on Skills

    Your skill set and expertise play a pivotal role in determining your product manager’s salary. Companies often reward specific skills that are in high demand. Let’s explore some key skills and their associated average salaries for product managers in India:

    1. Product Management: ₹20.3 Lakhs

    2. Agile Software Development: ₹25.2 Lakhs

    3. Senior Product Marketing Manager Salary: ₹28 Lakhs

    a. Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Salary: ₹35.2 Lakhs

    b. Product Marketing Manager Google Salary: ₹53.2 Lakhs

    4. Requirement Analysis: ₹10.8 Lakhs

    5. Business Analysis: ₹13.8 Lakhs

    6. Product Strategy: 25.2 Lakhs 

    7. Product Operations Manager Salary: ₹13 Lakhs

    8. Product Line Manager Salary: ₹47 Lakhs

    These figures highlight the significant influence of specialized skills on a product development manager salary. Proficiency in Agile Software Development, Product Strategy, and Go-to-Market Strategy, in particular, can lead to higher earning potential. Furthermore, combining multiple skills, such as a strong background in both product management and marketing, can further enhance your earning potential and marketability in the field.

    Average Product Manager Salary Outside India

    While the focus so far has been on India, it’s important to note that product management is a global profession. Global product manager salary can vary significantly from one country to another. If you’re considering working abroad or are simply curious about how product manager salaries compare internationally, here are some figures for select countries:

      1. Average Product Manager Salary in Canada: $142,150
      2. Average Product Manager Salary in Germany: €60,643
      3. Average Product Manager Salary in France: €55,000
      4. Average Product Manager Salary Chicago: $117,450
      5. Average Product Manager Salary Los Angeles: $126,030
      6. Average Product Manager Salary New York: $131,816
      7. Average Product Manager Salary Seattle: $131,562
      8. Average Product Manager Salary Austin: $117,274
      9. Average Product Manager Salary Boston: $120,199
      10. Average Product Manager Salary Dallas: $121,000
      11. Average Product Manager Salary Atlanta: $115,000
      12. Average Product Manager Salary California: $135,877

    These international salary comparisons underscore the influence of local economic conditions and cost-of-living disparities on product manager compensation. Working in states like California, New York and Seattle can often lead to higher earning potential due to the robust tech industry and higher living expenses.

    Factors Affecting Product Manager Salary in India

    Now, let’s delve into the factors that have a significant impact on a product manager’s salary in India. Understanding these elements can help you navigate your career and negotiate the best possible compensation package:

    1. Company: The company you work for is a key determinant of your salary. Different companies have varying compensation structures, and larger organizations typically offer more competitive salaries. However, smaller companies and startups can also provide attractive compensation packages if they value the role of product management and have sufficient funding.

    2. Years of Experience: Experience is one of the most crucial factors affecting your earning potential as a product manager. As you gain more experience and accumulate a track record of successful product launches, your salary will naturally increase. This is why senior product managers and those in leadership roles command higher salaries.

    3. Location: The city or region where you work plays a pivotal role in determining your salary. Tech hubs like Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad offer higher salaries to attract and retain talent. However, it’s important to consider the cost of living in these cities, which can significantly impact your disposable income.

    4. Skills: Specialized skills are highly rewarded in the field of product management. Investing in ongoing professional development and acquiring expertise in areas like Agile Software Development, Product Strategy, and Go-to-Market Strategy can lead to higher salaries. Employers often recognize the value of these skills and are willing to pay more for them.

    How Can Product Managers Increase Their Salaries?

    If you’re a product manager looking to boost your salary, here are some strategies to consider:

    1. Thorough Preparation: When negotiating your salary, preparation is key. Research industry salary benchmarks and the typical compensation offered by companies in your area. This information will provide a solid foundation for your negotiations.

    2. Approach with Respect and Empathy: When discussing salary increases or job offers, approach the conversation with respect and empathy. Understand your worth and be confident in articulating your value to the organization.

    3. Salary Range Presentation: Instead of providing a single figure, present a salary range during negotiations. This approach allows for flexibility and demonstrates that you’ve considered various factors that influence your desired salary.

    4. Be Prepared for Rejection: Salary negotiations can sometimes result in rejection or counteroffers. Be prepared for these outcomes and consider your long-term career goals when making decisions.

    Why are Their Salaries Higher?

    While product manager salaries are notably attractive, there are several reasons behind these higher earning potentials:

    1. Limitless Leverage: Product managers play a central role in a company’s success. They have a direct impact on product development, market positioning, and revenue generation. This influence gives them significant leverage when negotiating their compensation.

    2. Demand-Supply Dynamics: In the tech industry, the demand for skilled product managers often exceeds the supply. This high demand results from the critical role they play in driving innovation and business growth. Companies are willing to offer competitive salaries to secure top talent.

    3. Institutional Hierarchy: The hierarchical structure within companies places product managers at a crucial juncture, where their decisions and strategies can have a profound impact on the organization’s success. As they move up the hierarchy, their responsibilities and, subsequently, their salaries increase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    2024 estimate: Considering the current trajectory and projected growth, we can speculate that the average product manager salary in India for 2024 could be somewhere between ₹15 lakhs and ₹35 lakhs per year.

    Product Manager salaries tend to increase with higher seniority levels. For instance, an Assistant Product Manager might earn ₹12.9 Lakhs, while a Chief Product Officer can command a salary of ₹1.2 Crores.

    Some of the leading tech companies in India, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta, offer competitive Product Manager salaries, with figures exceeding ₹50 Lakhs per annum.

    Location plays a significant role in determining Product Manager salaries. Cities with a thriving tech ecosystem like Bangalore and Hyderabad tend to offer higher salaries.

    Specialized skills, such as Agile Software Development, Product Strategy, and Go-to-Market Strategy, are highly rewarded in the field of Product Management.


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