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Product Hackathon - OpenText

24th Jan 2018 | 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm onwards
OpenText, Bangalore

About the Company:

OpenText Business Network (Previously known as GXS) is Global leader in B2B Integration and offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based services and software that facilitate the efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside of organizations (e.g. Customers and its trading partners). OpenText B2B integration and managed services is a market leader in B2B integration and B2B Managed services, with more than 80k customers, including 80% of fortune 500 companies in all industries.

Problem Statement:

Faced with hyper-competitive market dynamics and complex customer demands, organizations need faster time-to-market, easier regional and channel expansion, and increased supplier and customer satisfaction. OpenText™ Business Network can help. By digitizing and integrating transaction-intensive business processes such as procure-to-pay (P2P) and order to cash (O2C), organizations can gain visibility into and optimize their mission-critical supply and demand chains. Additional benefits include reducing manual data entry and data entry errors, improving supplier information management, lowering transaction costs, and accelerating the receiving process.

The last date for submitting your entry is 21st January | 11:59 PM

Built on the world’s largest business network, OpenText Trading Grid™, OpenText cloud-based Active applications provide increased collaboration and 360° supply chain visibility with both digital and non-digital trading partners. Unlike manual integration and collaboration processes, our solution enables an automated and fully integrated P2P and O2C processes, allowing our customers to collaborate efficiently with all their trading partners – ultimately improving business performance.

OpenText supply chain applications give you better visibility into the status of purchase orders, the timing of upcoming shipments, and invoices. We can help you identify issues such as imperfect orders, late shipments, unmatched invoices and duplicate payments. Improved visibility and exception notifications should enable you to resolve problems before they impact your customers.


Create a product under OpenText Business Network Product LOB
( targeted at driving efficiency and speed of transaction within the supply chain. 

1. Given the mass amounts of data passed each day in the supply chain, identify potential pain points of the customers
2. Describe the unique value proposition and the target persona
3. Describe the product – why this product is needed, who its competition is, and how do you win the market
4. What challenges do you anticipate having along the way? 
5. Who are the key stakeholders that will enable the creation and success of this product? 
6. Describe your interactions with these stakeholders and the proven techniques you would use if this were a ‘real product’.


1. In no more than 6 slides, describe your product, implementation approach, and the product launch plan while keeping the above questions in consideration.
2. Within those 6 slides, include 1 slide Product Canvas

Few tips:

1. Refer publicly available information, reports etc
2. Please take relevant assumptions to support your recommendation.
3. There are no right or wrong answers.  The intent is to gain an understanding of your thought process, approach and presentation skills Focus on your content, we are looking for analytical skill and how well you communicate and structure your thoughts


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