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Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Job seekers often face catastrophe when they are subjected with series of written tests in the overwhelming competitive landscape of today. The importance of these tests are significantly high, as they act as the scale organizations use to measure the calibre of individuals.

The need of the hour is to assist candidates prepare for the entrance exams through the right mix of technologies and mentoring. The presence of a self-assessment tool will go a long way that could enable candidates keep tabs on their performance and create a preparation plan for the exams around the corner.
Target customer: Job seekers taking up common entrance tests

Proposed Solution

Developing a web application driven entrance test preparation platform, which does evaluation of users, formulate a study plan, search relevant materials, generates reports on preparation and performance, and deliver personalized coaching to candidates.

Value Proposition

● Performance assessment and identification of areas that require improvement
● Customized study material and preparation plan with easy-to-use dashboard
● Easy access to digital study material from any device
● Relevant mentoring and feedback
● Reinforced confidence and improved exam results



N P Kiran Kumar, Program Manager, Cisco

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?

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