Workshop on Mid- Career Transitions- 20 Jan 2018

Institute of Product Leadership welcomes its audience to an insightful event that will host career anchor workshop and a talk session on wielding data efficiently to drive business decisions. The day is tailored with dedicated seats to serve professionals looking for a career switch in the corporate hierarchy or to gain tenacity in the data driven world.

Career Anchor Assessment Workshop by Prof Shah


Prof. Pinkesh Shah
Senior Faculty and Executive Board Member
Institute of Product Leadership
The event will begin with career anchor workshop that will enable experienced managers to unfold self assessment insights through personalized interactions and a psychometric test—based on MIT research led by Edgar Schein. These insights will underline the hidden anchors and inspire professionals for a mid-career transition, which could become the cornerstone of their corporate journeys. The workshop will be conducted by senior faculty member of Institute of Product Leadership, Pinkesh Shah. As a reputed speaker and a visiting faculty at various B-Schools, Pinkesh has assisted many professionals in career transitions and to become a leader in the product management space.

Data Science to Data Smart Management Workshop by Dr. Marya


Dr. Marya Wani
Head: Research and Curriculum Design,
Institute of Product Leadership
Following career anchoring, Dr Marya will lead a talk session on the importance of big data and how to connect big data knowledge with strategic actions. Dr Marya will share her comprehensive field of vision on big data and analytics tools, significance of communication, and building data driven strategies.

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