Institute of Product Leadership
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Leadership & Strategy Courses

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    STG401F - Product & Digital Strategy

    ■ Corporate Strategy, Business and Product strategy
    ■ Understanding of strategic frameworks
    ■ Opportunity analysis canvas

    ■ Understanding the competition and their emergent strategies
    ■ Competitor analysis using strategy map
    ■ Competitive positioning

    ■ Product portfolio expansion
    ■ Ansoff model of Product Market Growth
    ■ Models for Portfolio Analysis

    ■ Technology and platform strategy
    ■ Digital Transformation Models

    ■ Developing roadmaps, defining KPIs and metrics
    ■ Synthesizing and storytelling

    LDR401F - Communicating for Impact

    ■ High Impact Communications
    ■ Presentation Structures like SMP, SIRF
    ■ Visual Presentations

    ■ Leveraging Voice & Body Language
    ■ Networking Within & Outside

    ■ Delivering Difficult News
    ■ Handling Tough Q&A
    ■ Cross Culture Communications

    LDR402F - Leading with

    ■ Persuasion and Influence, Executive Presence
    ■ Building a personal brand through Thought Leadership
    ■ Personalized Assessments on Influentiality Index (II), Conflict Mgmt & Negotiation

    ■ Leading People and Managing Globally Dispersed Teams
    ■ Negotiation, Influence Skills
    ■ Empowerment – Coaching, Training, Support and Motivation

    ■ Leading Disruptive Innovation & Change Management
    ■ Stakeholder Management & Creating Strategic Alignment

    FIN401F - Financial Acumen

    ■ Revenue Recognition & Cash Flow Basics
    ■ Building & P&L Management for Cloud / SaaS business
    ■ Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Capital Rationing & Payback

    ■ Preparing a Financial Plan
    ■ Forecasting Future cash flows and Financial Modelling

    ■ Revenue Models & Pricing
    ■ Cost & Profitability Metrics and Ratios

    DAT401F - Data Informed Decision Making

    ■ Creating models for decision making
    ■ Cluster Analysis, Monte Carlo Models

    ■ The art and science of data visualization
    ■ Storytelling with Data
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