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"Getting your first 100 customers (PM)"

17 Oct 2019

04:00 pm to 07:00 pm

IPL, Koramangala Campus

Every Product Manager or entrepreneur wants to validate his vision and looks at large market sizes. However, it is critical to ensure the first 100 customers are on-boarded in a timely fashion. In this hands-on workshop, Prof. Pinkesh Shah walks participants through the best practices to land the first 100 customers.

Key Takeaways

About the Speaker

Pinkesh Shah

Prof. Pinkesh Shah
Ex-Global VP Products ,

Prof. Pinkesh Shah is a Senior Faculty and Executive Board Member of the Institute of Product Leadership focused on new product development/launch, product management and strategy. Prof. Shah is an angel investor and a board member of several technology startups.  He is also much sought after speaker and visiting faculty at various B-Schools. 


Prof. Shah was previously a VP of Product Management at McAfee (now part of Intel), where he was responsible for the Risk and Compliance portfolio; and the Chief Security Architect and Director of Products at NetIQ.

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