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Does Product Management prepare you for a CEO role ?

Description & keytakeaways

Sagar was a leading and building Product teams for over a decade before he started his first startup. Full of confidence because of his past P&L responsibilities within Product management, building teams, and selling to customers, Sagar was about to learn that there was still something missing. Product management did not prepare him fully for a Startup CEO role. Only if someone had told him this before hand

⦁ How Intrapreneurship is still different from entrepreneurship?

⦁ What to do differently as a Product manager?

⦁ The journey from a PM to a CEO


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About the Speaker

Sagar Apte
Founder at CarIQ

Sagar Apte, a engineer in computer science with a management course from XLRI, has been playing product management roles with P&L responsibilities at Ensim Corporation and PubMatic. He was also part of the strategic operations team at Symantec for the storage division. Sagar has over 20 years of experience across diverse domains such as product management, sales, support, operations, and marketing. He is an avid reader of medieval military history and loves driving/travelling. In his most recent role at CarIQ, a connected car platform, Sagar is the CEO with responsibility for strategy and business development.

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