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Develop the right design before making the design right

Dr. Wayne Neale is a software industry veteran, having held senior leadership roles in SAP and Kodak. He has since then forayed into a series of leadership and executive positions in the startup world, before founding the GrowthX Academy in Phoenix, AZ. He is also the Lead UX Instructor at the Academy.

In this webinar, Dr. Neale spoke about his experiences and thoughts on what constitutes good UX design. Design, Dr. Neale opined has come to the forefront and become a hugely popular part of product development for one reason - this one:

(Design-Prototype-Evaluate, rinse and repeat).

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Dr. Neale’s tips for Product Leaders were:

● Know your user, context and problem intimately
● Align your UX strategy with product and business strategy
● Facilitate the design process across functions and the company
● Develop the right design before making the design right
● Design the process of doing design in your organisation.

To catch the insights in-depth, watch the webinar video here:

This webinar was a must-attend primer in great design, for anyone connected with product design and development.


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