Institute of Product Leadership Webinar

Data Driven Product Development

21 August 2018

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaways

About the Speaker

Pradeepta Mishra,
Chief Data Scientist, Lymbyc

Pradeepta Mishra is a data scientist by profession, has expertise in designing artificial intelligence systems for performing tasks such as understanding natural language, recommendation based on natural language processing. He has filed two patents as an inventor currently patent pending status. He has authored two books one on ‘R data mining blueprints’ and other ‘Mining text, sentiment, web using R’. There are three courses available on Udemy from his books. He has delivered a talk at Global Data Science conference 2018, at Santa Clara, CA. One of his book has been a recommended text in HSLS center, University of Pittsburgh, PA. He has delivered a TEDx talk on ‘Can Machines Think?’, a session on power of artificial intelligence in transforming different industries and changing job roles across industries available on TEDx Official You Tube Channel. He has mentored 15 plus capstone projects, on data science, machine learning and deep learning, NLP and artificial intelligence subjects. As a speaker delivered 50 plus tech talks on data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and artificial intelligence in various meet ups, technical institutions, Educational Institutions, Universities and community arranged meet-ups and forums. Currently working on third book on ‘Deep Learning for Developing Products using Python’ expected to be published in last quarter of 2018.

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