Cisco Announces Product Leadership Scholarship for

Executive MBA in Product Leadership

In a unique Industry Academic Partnership and to promote product leadership talent ecosystem in India, Cisco Enterprise Networking Group announces a scholarship for Exec MBA Class of 2017


All the self funded admitted candidates into the Executive MBA program will be eligible for the Cisco scholarship.


Cisco Enterprise Networking division in India will screen and select the candidates at the end of the first semester based on the overall academic performance.


Six Thousand US$ towards the tuition fees. Although money is important the recipient will be recognized as a Cisco-IPL scholar in the industry which is priceless!


If your question is "Whats the catch?!", there is none!. Cisco's scholarship initiative is designed to recognize and encourage promising product leaders in the Indian product industry. There is no obligation whatsoever. You still need to continue to get a B+ or higher every quarter in the program.

See if you Qualify

Discuss your Career Path with our senior counselors and determine if this program is right for you?

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