Webinar on Building customer-centric products

Description & keytakeaways

The webinar will focus on different aspects of product management space, while exploring ways to create winning products by keeping customers at the focal point. Following are the takeaways from the webinar:

⦁ Using early feedbacks to change course

⦁ How to create user personas

⦁ Exploiting customer success metrics

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About the Speaker

Vamsi Krishna Wuppalapati
Ex – VP (Products/ CX/ Risk), RentoMojo

Vamsi is an ‘Entrepreneurial Product Management’ professional having over a decade of experience in Product Management & Strategy/ Product Marketing/ IT Strategy Consulting’.

Vamsi worked with Fortune MNCs like Experian, Fidelity, and High growth startups like RentoMojo, Lazada Group (Rocket Internet), Inferatics (Startup Founder), performing similar kind of roles across different geographies like India, Europe, UK, Singapore & South East Asia.

· Launched ~8 to 50+ Multi million dollar products (B2C and B2B) successfully in more than 20 markets.
· Built high value products being part of the board at RentoMojo, key enabler to be part of ‘Google LaunchPad accelerator for 2016’ and key contributor to close Series A and B rounds with the investors.
· Proven magnitude in building Enterprise/Mobile/web products for different Marketplaces, Consumer Internet, Payments, SCM & Logistics and Fintech industries

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