“Best Executive MBA Program Globally” Nathan Gold,
IPL Senior Faculty, USA

About Nathan-

Nathan is also known as The Demo Coach. He hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and travel around the world coaching and training people on how to really prepare for high-stakes presentations. Nathan has personally delivered over 15,000 presentations and over 12,000 hours of professional coaching and training. He has worked in and with small and large companies, including Glue Networks, Bill.com, Education.com, Ensafer,Innovation Norway, SanDisk, Kaiser Permanente, and IBM — on designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially in situations where you cannot afford to miss.
The Wall Street Journal called him an "Elevator Pitch Expert" after coaching the Top 5 Finalists in the Startup of the Year award, in the actual WSJ elevators in NYC! He is also a pitch coach for dozens of accelerators and incubators around the world and an Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley and a guest lecturer at Wharton Entrepreneurship. Recently, he has been coaching TED and TEDx presenters while also being featured on The Kauffman Founders School website in a free video series called Powerful Presentations and Mastering Q&A.

“You cannot argue with success!”

What is the value of the IPL program?

I looked at the price of the program and it is not that much money. The fact that you can do it along with your job is wonderful because that way you can keep doing your normal job, make money and pay your bills and keep your lifestyle going. But some two weekends every month for 18 months dedicated to expand your ability to realize your own dreams or join the dreams of someone else in a team? These people who can change the world? It is possible. This program can give the education and more importantly, the connections. The network that you can [gain] by joining a program like IPL and going to their master class, meeting people that think like you or help you is something you cannot put a price tag on.

What is the opportunity presented by TMBA for IT professionals?

The TMBA program seems to me like a great opportunity for anyone who has a job at IT, let's say and now want to take their love of whatever topic or project that they're working on and combine their technology specialty with management so that they can grow their career and get that awesome job that they want someday. But the only way they can really do it is to combine those two things together. What the TMBA program does is, it gives them those skills over those two years on the weekends just like your executive MBA but for technology professionals.Maybe they don't want to be a professional leader but want to learn how to manage, and work with people better. This program gives them those skills that they're just desperate to have and right now, this seems like the only place to get them.

Key Take-aways:

- The program serves both entrepreneurs and the intrapreneurs inside corporations looking for more.
- IPL students acquire a unique set of skills on par of professionals from anywhere in the world.
- The advantage of taking the course while working regular job makes it flexible and wires access to professionals.
- Meeting people through the course and creating networks is pivotal and provides the stepping stone.
- IPL enables students management and people facing skills.

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