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with Alumni

09 Apr 2019

09:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Confused if Product Management is the right career path? 
Here is an opportunity to clear your doubts! 

‘Ask Me Anything’
How much do Product Managers get paid? How do I transition to a Product Manager Role? What does it take to become a Product Manager? What kind of companies should I target? How much raise can I expect?….

Here's what in store

Careers in technology are reorienting from tech roles to techno-managerial roles. A generic MBA doesn’t fit this bill. A specialized MBA can help students interested in this field understand the managerial and strategic implications of technology in business. Increasingly, tech-focused businesses like Facebook, Amazon and Google are hiring MBA grads in management positions. Students who want a better understanding of the technology itself can pursue hybrid degree options like a MBA in Product,Technology Management or an MBA in Data Science.


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