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Data Science Webinar

Applied Machine Learning: Image Processing

16th May 2018

9 pm - 10 pm IST

Key Takeaways

1. Understand the scope of image processing.
2. Appreciate various facets of image processing like face recognition, color detection,  Oct face detection and their application.
3. Learn practical approaches to solving image processing problems.

About the Speaker

Shivaram K R,
Founder & CEO - Curl Analytics

Shivaram is a  machine learning expert and founder of Curl Analytics which focuses on various emerging technologies such as machine learning, IoT, and blockchain to solve enterprise problems. He provides end to end solution in various domains such as quant finance, life science, Industrial IoT and earth science. Before starting Curl Analytics, he was working as quantitative strategy developer for 10 years in companies such as Societe Generale, Edelweiss Securities, and Bank of America.He has interesting hobbies such as building robots with computer vision.


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