Institute of Product Leadership
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Amit Joseph – ICPM Class of Winter 2014

Vice President, Product Engagement, iAccept Softwares to Product Evangelist, MeritTrac Service


“I have over 10 years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Operations, Service Delivery and Advisory. I have worked as an “intra-preneur” in an organization where I have developed a business case from idea to profitability.”


“The program seems very relevant as it speaks with both the technology and non-technology perspective. The compelling factor to join the program was the fact that the program is holistic, and applies to product management in varied industries such as FMCG and Technology.“

The IPL Experience

“The ICPM program has been a very interesting experience. It gave insights into the product management space in a live scenario. The faculty are from the industry and talked to us about projects they were working on. The way the faculty’s inputs translated to Product Labs are very interesting as well. We derived a lot from that. IPL is building an “eco-system” of product managers in India by hosting and facilitating a network of product managers, and I was very happy with the industry-connect.”

“I ‘ve noticed significant changes in the way I think after the program. The fundamentals were ingrained into us. We had insights into our leadership and presentation styles as well. I believe that the ICPM program gives us an edge over the rest!”