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Abhirup Mukherjee – ICPM Class of Fall 2013

Abhirup Mukherjee – ICPM Class of Fall 2013

Technical Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Technologies to Solution Director, HCL Technologies


An Engineering Manager, he has been in the domain of telecom for the past 19 years, honing his expertise and building his career. However, this techie started feeling the need to ramp up his career since the last two years. He wanted a focused program that would add a different dimension to a stable career path. He was clear that any such program would have to have subjects that were relevant to his experience at his job – with his extensive experience at his job, any theoretical studies be superfluous. At his stage of his career he could afford to wait for a program that really appealed to him.

IPL Experience

“The six month focused program was exactly what I was looking for. The Product Lab concept, the different kinds of technologies and people one is exposed to, the actual industry connect - The industry experts here show you how a story will relate to your business plan, and how it is important to convey your message.I now feel that all parts of the puzzle have come together and the picture has become clear to me."

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