A Good Product is Not Enough -What PMs
Need to Know about Marketing

30 July 2019

09:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaway

About the Speaker

Jill Soley

Jill Soley,
Author of Beyond Product,
VP Platform, Cloverpop

Author of Beyond Product, Jill Soley is a Silicon Valley-based strategic product and marketing executive. She learned how to teach others to soar as a hang gliding instructor in North Carolina. Since then, she has launched and grown innovative new products at Adobe, Freshworks, and Siebel and advised and consulted to many startups. Passionate about how teams work together as well as their results, Jill currently leads Product Management and Product Marketing at Cloverpop, a venture-backed technology startup that helps companies drive business outcomes through improving their decision practices. Each year, 600,000 companies start up in the US. More than three quarters of those fail. Based on interviews with more than 50 startup veterans, Beyond Product provides a roadmap to help entrepreneurs leverage marketing to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Jill holds a BS and MBA from MIT and is working hard with her husband to raise two young men who take smarter risks than hang gliding.
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