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5 Ways to Budget your Marketing Expenses - Industry Connect | 30 June, 2018

The EMBA 2017-C Class with Kanupriya Sindhu

Kanupriya Sindhu, Ex VP – Product Marketing at Canvera took an Industry Connect Session on 30th June 2018 at the CMRIT Campus for the EMBA 2017-C Class. The topic of the Session was Budgeting, where Kanupriya discussed why low cost Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and here are her 5 best Practices for the same –

1. Build a Kick-Ass Product – In an age where information is shared quickly and a bad review can hurt your chances at sales, there is no substitute to building great products that the markets will love. Half the marketing job is done if you have a great product.

2. Content is King – Create content that connects with your customers. Apply the 4 E test – Educating, Entertaining, Empowering or Enriching.

3. Visual Storytelling – It’s very difficult to grab the attention of consumers these days and you have greater chances of success if you go visual with elements of storytelling

4. Referral Marketing – Don’t underestimate the power of the ‘Word of Mouth’ of a happy customer. Leverage this with tools such as Referral Marketing to generate testimonials that add to the credibility of your brand.

5. Social Media Trends – When new features get launched in these channels, they generate traction due to curiosity. Generate interesting content for these new features and grab the attention of consumers.

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