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Institute of Product Leadership Webinar

5 things every product leader needs to know about API

15th May 2018

9 pm IST | 5.30 pm CEST

Key Takeaways

Valuable and accessible products and services are the most important assets for any business, especially in the digital economy. The discussion will be on API products, interface to value propositions, and API as well as the myths, truths and how-toes regarding digital transformation and business value. It will help you to create, launch, and run digital products customers love.

About the Speakers

Andrea Zulian,
Senior Product Manager, Swisscom AG.

Andrea Zulian is Senior Product Manager at Swisscom. He’s an agile coach, digital transformation consultant, and entrepreneur. He helps companies and organizations to succeed in their digital journey applying Lean methodologies and intrapreneurship. As team leader and senior API product manager for a leading telecommunications company in Europe, he developed and applied the API Product Management methodology launching successful digital products and services.

Amancio Bouza, PhD,
Principal Consultant, Innovation Process Technology AG

Amancio Bouza, PhD is Principal Consultant at ipt, Innovation Process Technology AG. He has a unique and diverse set of experiences as startup entrepreneur, product manager, principal consultant, engineer, scientist, social media influencer, Lego creator, magician, and cardist. He helped to establish API as products for the digital economy with novel concepts like API as interface to value proposition: VPI. Today, he helps companies to create business value with  digital technologies as intrapreneur, coach, friend, and what-ever- it-takes.



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