15 December 2018, Saturday | 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM | MIT Kothrud, Pune

The masterclass on Presentation Zen goes into a deep dive, experiential way of learning presentation dynamics and goes beyond the techniques of presenting into the actual story telling format for delivering any message to any audience. The class will discuss narrative and the visual design strategies that clarify the role of the presenter and the presentation, giving a cohesive overview of how they interact. Framework and best practices on storytelling that leads to compelling visual presentations that stay in the memory will be discussed. Students will receive guidance on how to choose a story for a particular situation model that will enable and ensure commercial success of their product.



” Learning from people who do “

About the speaker

After taking the Plunnge from the corporate world in 2008 he went on to follow his passion, the thing which has grown is his collection of pens and notepads, his hunger to read and learn, his love to teach and write, his time with his family and friends and most important –his happiness and faith. Everything else has decreased – like his bank balance, weight, stress etc.

He currently teaches full credit courses on Communication for Leaders and Business Communication at the PGP and EEP programs of IIM Bangalore, coach promising startups and senior managers in the industry, give seminars and talks in corporate events and colleges, read a story to his kids every night before they sleep, bicycle his way to work and save the environment in his own way, do yoga, write, earn a fraction of what he used to, but live a million times better. 

Prof. Rakesh has authored 4 books so far. His first book Plunnge was published in July 2011. His second book Seek:finding your true calling was published by RandomHouse India in 2013. He announced his 3rd book in November 2014. It is on a topic that he teaches and does research – Persuasive Communication and Charismatic Leadership. The name of the book is What to Say and When to Shut Up! and has been published by Penguin Random House. His latest book “Public Speaking Kaleidoscope” is his first serious attempt at academic writing and is the literature review chapter of his doctoral thesis. 

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