What set’s IPL apart from Ivy-League Universities?

Institute of Product Leadership helping students to transit even after completing a certificate program in 2013.

Aadarsh Ranjan has completed the 6 months International Certification Program in Product Management and Product Marketing with the Institute of Product Leadership in 2013. In an interview Aadarsh shares the critical role the Institute has played 6 years down the line in his strategical placement vs Ivy-league Universities.

What are the highlights of the Executive MBA in the Product Leadership program at the Institute?

When I analyze my whole learning experience with IPL, I feel proud of 3 things primarily. First I got a chance to learn from some of the best minds in India. Especially in the product ecosystem. The quality of faculty is world-class. Second, the course was beautifully designed to get a step by step understanding of the whole product development lifecycle. And third the method of teaching. You all have faced that tough time of listening to a presentation after lunch. But it was never the case with IPL, the program was so interactive that we never get bored. It was learning by doing things. Experiential learning. 

How would you like to draw the comparison between Ivy League colleges to the Institute of Product Leadership?

While I have also done programs at Ivy League Colleges like UCLA, ultimately the focus and specialized programs from the Institute and Institute’s relevant network got me a job I highly recommend this to all senior professionals who may also be considering IVy league programs to take a look at this program because it’s designed to give the highest ROI possible. What are the essential skills that a Product Marketing Manager should acquire? 

How would you like to draw a comparison between other Institutions to the Institute of Product Leadership?

Well as I said there are three clear differentiators when you join the coaching faculty or the professors, course curriculum and method of teaching and I think these are the key differentiators for IPL. Along with these where else you will get a chance to present your ideas in front of VCs who have actually funded industry successful startups. At the Institute industry practitioners are coaches over other B-Schools we have the edge over understanding real-time trends in Product Management and if we are working on a product we also understand the competitive analysis. 

Skillathons at the Institute provides us with the opportunity for Industry immersions, and unlike any other colleges or online programs, we have the opportunity to get in program hiring opportunities from the jury members. 

The Content typically prepares us to be ready for any Product Managers with product specific companies, for folks interested in Consulting roles the programs prepares us for the Big4 consulting firms of the world as well.

How would you like to mention the help you received from the Career Management Cell at IPL?

It’s a bunch of highly enthusiastic people who are desperate to place you in a product manager role. ​The CMC Cell at IPL is very helpful. The cell encourages and maps cohorts across batches for opportunities at various organizations. I am glad even after completing my Product Leadership program in 2013-2014 the CMC cell was proactive in mapping my skills and exposing me to the right opportunity.

What does your day look like as a Product Marketing Manager?

Running after multiple departments to get the work done. Actually, it’s interesting and challenging. Planning and strategizing different campaigns. Analyzing what’s working and what’s not. Thinking about innovative ideas to market the company’s products/services

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