What is an Executive MBA?

What is an Executive mba?

If you’re working in management and want to move forward in your career, look into Executive MBA programs. Executive MBAs are similar to traditional MBAs but with different schedules, rigidity of curriculum and networking opportunities.

Before you start applying, here are some other points to consider when deciding whether an Executive MBA is right for you or not.


Executive MBAs are designed so that participants take all, or nearly all, classes with the same set of participants, providing a tremendous opportunity to gain business contacts with managers in a cross section of career levels and specializations at other companies.

More Restricted Schedule than Traditional MBAs

Class schedules are designed for working individuals and will likely take place on weekends and Fridays. There usually is only one time option per course, but ensure that you ask about the exact days and times before enrolling.

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Unlike traditional MBA, Executive MBA programs focus more on soft skills, hard skills or a hybrid of both. Some participants and employers prefer learning soft skills like leadership, while others would rather learn concrete skills such as accounting. So if you want to get exposed to soft skills, an Executive MBA would be a right choice for you.

Time Commitment

Whether or not an Executive MBA program helps you advance in your career is a product of your time commitment. If your company pays for your program, they are making an investment in you so that your learning will benefit them in the future so ensure that you do justice to the program as well as your company.

On the whole, an Executive MBA program is significantly beneficial than any traditional MBA. However, one should ensure that an Executive MBA program matches ones education as well as career goals.

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